In the classic Wizard of Oz Dorothy followed the Yellow Brick Route back home.

To Dorothy the Yellow Brick Route was a symbol of good things to come- of home and everything that it stands for- Hope, Beauty, Comfort, Cosiness and a sense of Being. This thought is the heart behind The Yellow Brick Route philosophy

We believe that your home is an extension of you and needs to reflect your essence and unique sense of style and refinement. At the Yellow Brick Route we offer you an astounding collection of refurbished and redesigned vintage furniture that have all the beauty and elegance of a bygone era.

The Curator

Meet the curator and chief design visionary of the Yellow Brick Route, Kashish Ochani decided to take some time off to spend more time with her family and her young children. It was a time of change for this young captain of industry, young kids, a change of career and vision.

As she started setting up her new home, bit by bit, a task grew into a passion and that passion grew into a path; a path that led her to discover her natural talent for creating elegant home spaces with her excellent taste in home décor - and The Yellow Brick Route was born.

Bespoke/Customized Solutions

We believe in making it personal. Our in house artisans combine traditional design and styling with a modern approach to create works of art that mirror your own personal aura and celebrate the uniqueness of you with just a touch of nostalgia.

We take the time to understand your vision and our artists with handcraft your vision into a beautiful work of earthy wood that celebrates your spirit.

A glimpse into our portfolio:


The humble chair
A place to rest your tired self after a long day. But who says something so functional can’t look great. Take your pick from our ethnic styling, industrial design or the victorian aura benches, barstools and chairs that makes a statement, just sitting there.


From coffee tables to study tables to dining tables. We have it all. We bring the tables. You bring the stories.

Display Units

Show off a shoe collection that would make the girls from Sex in the City jealous, let your enviable leather bound collection of classic novel give people a glimpse of you geekier side. Our exquisitely crafted cabinets lend your worldly possessions - a touch of class.


Our range of wooden cabinets, credenzas and sideboards give a decidedly elegant space for your worldly possessions , however messy you might leave it inside.


No space no problem. Our range of extremely adaptable stackables takes the minimum amount of space.

Bedside tables

Our range of bedside tables with their ethnic elegance and wonderfully unique colors are not just efficiently functional; they make a great aesthetic addition to your bedroom.

Follow the Yellow Brick Route.
It’s the first step in making your home, truly; the best place on earth

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