Modern living provides us the immense freedom to experiment and play around literally with our décor choices especially furniture and upholstery. Our homes need not be filled with bulk-made furniture that makes almost all rooms in all homes look alike and design choices that lack charm or charm or identity. Instead, we now have options for the Yellow Brick Route that offer classy décor alternatives in form of unique and statement antique furniture

As the saying goes certain things get better with age, it holds true for wine, cheese, and also for furniture. Antique furniture brings an instant touch of additional class, distinctiveness, and heritage to your home. Most of these pieces are capable of being the focal point of party conversations and even selfies and pictures. 

Here are a few reasons to add an antique piece of furniture to your home décor at the earliest:

 Antiques always have a tale to tell 

Antiques by definition are relics of a glorious past. Whether they belong to an erstwhile royal lineage or to a place of historical importance antique pieces become a talking point about customs, traditions, and etiquette. They serve as a living and potent reminder of the lifestyle of another era. Most of the times antiques are also inherited from direct ancestors and thus become symbols of personal history and heritage.


Antiques are eco-friendly

Carbon Clear which is an independent consultancy that specializes in carbon management and its accounting has opined that antique furniture most probably has a carbon footprint that is 16 times lower than of any newly manufactured piece of furniture. Buying an antique piece of furniture for your modern eco-friendly living is in itself a huge lifestyle statement as all antiques are recycled and reused. 

The simplest way to mitigate more furniture filling up landfills is to shop vintage for your home with the assistance of a good vintage sourcing platform like Yellow Brick Route.


 Antique furniture is often a utility piece of art

A majority of the pieces of antique furniture are pre-industrial era and handcrafted. This craftsmanship lends it its longevity and tenacity that makes it still useful to bear being a utility piece in a modern home. Though antiques sometimes might require special maintenance and cleaning, just imagine a chest of drawers that might have lasted through two centuries is definitely sturdy. Moreover, every scuff and imperfection on any piece makes it even more personalized and is often rather celebrated in antique furniture and not considered as a blemish.


Antiques are always fashionable

Modern living is all about finding new trends and following them, we are after all living in the millennium of hashtags and Instagram. Antique pieces are a perennial super trendy niche of their own.  These antique treasures never go out of fashion, so to say. Their USP is their uniqueness and their versatility in modern homes. For instance, there can be bar cabinets which can now be made to look like a quirky yet classy bookshelf or vice-versa. 


Antiques add peculiarity to the decor

Antiques instantly can enhance the energy and personality of an ultra-contemporary home. In fact, the modern décor gains distinctiveness and contrast from a few carefully picked antiques. The old units not only cast a fresh perspective on the newer pieces of furniture but another home décor like paintings and lights too. If a living room is full of modern and chic seating just adding an ornate console table can be a huge enhancement to the style quotient of the setting. By effectively combining antique pieces with contemporary ones Interior designers achieve unmatched results almost immediately.


Antiques retain/ increase their worth

If antiques are carefully maintained their value is often witnessed to increase over a period of time. While other prices rise and fall antiques are always a good and stable investment option. A new piece of furniture will take about two centuries getting where your old piece already is in term of not just décor charm but a pleasure to any antique dealer in terms of its market value.

 Every home must be filled with unique design and that involves creatively combining your antiques with your modern living creating a re-energized décor excellence.