Yellow Brick Route


Yellow Brick Route

When Dorothy found herself “Not in Kansas anymore” she followed the yellow brick route all the way back home.

To Dorothy that road was more than a serpentine path of yellow brick. It was a symbol of home and everything that it stood for- Hope, Beauty, Comfort, Coziness and a sense of Being.

We at the Yellow Brick Route believe that your home is an extension of you and must reflect your unique sense of style and refinement. And therefore; The Yellow Brick Route proudly brings to you home décor crafted to appeal to your eyes, provoke your soul and create that unique sense of You.

We offer you an astounding collection of refurbished and redesigned vintage furniture with the beauty and elegance of a bygone era.

From the elegant latticework of garden seating to the stoic classic styling of writing tables; our range of handcrafted furniture are lovingly handcrafted by our family of talented artisans.

Stay a while, browse a wide range of furniture and decor items including dining tables, coffee tables, cabinets, display units, cupboards, chairs, bar stools etc.

Follow the Yellow Brick Route.

It’s the first step in making your home, truly; the coziest home that can ever be!


Meet the curator and chief design visionary of the Yellow Brick Route, Kashish Ochani decided to take some time off to spend more time with her family and her young children. It was a time of change and rediscovery for this young captain of industry, and the beginnings of the birth of a vision.

The journey of carefully creating a look for her home grew into a passion which developed into a path; a path that led her to discover her penchant for creating elegant home spaces with her excellent taste in home décor. Soon she was hunting for the best furniture not only for herself but for her friends and family. As the projects increased so did the appreciation of her keen eye- and The Yellow Brick Route was born.